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You choose the products
We create AR models
We host & upgrade
You showcase
Luminaire gives you the freedom to choose the solution that suits you best.
Start at a low rate join the platform with just a handful of products.
Do the upgrade, exclude other manufacturers products. Utilise the inbuilt sales platform to enable your sales team.
Have us produce your app incorporating all our advantages and your dream features, with a customised design.

It‘s that simple, really !

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FAQ's ?

We don’t have 3D models, how can we get them made ?

It’s easy. Send us your paper catalogue, hand sketches, or technical/2-D drawings. We can create models using these to begin with and then with your instructions and our imagination. We pride ourselves in building good AR models. If you can provide us 3-D models that makes our job more accurate, a little bit easier and faster.

How long does it take to host ?

From building models to showcasing them can take between a week to a month depending upon the number of models and their complexity.

Our products are complicated, can you build them?

Yes, we have built numerous complicated models. If you are imagining a new product or prototype, consider creating an AR model and testing market response in the App before proceeding to production. We do love a challenge !

Our products are mostly technical in nature, how will this app help ?

We are able to showcase different beam angles, product finishes in AR. The specifications can document electrical, mechanical, luminous  details of your product. The app acts as a handy reckoner for all your products. Imagine an interactive database of your products that designers & resellers can refer from and contact you for queries.

Our products have specialised finishes, how can the app show these ?

Yes, sure. Send us your specific requirements, close up photographs, any thing else that can help us do our job better.

Will the App only be IoS based ?

For the moment we are focussing on the iOS platform. The Ipad is without doubt the best tablet and has the most supportive AR tools. Using these we wish to put your products in the best light possible.

Our products are recessed, how will these be showcased ?

We have successfully implemented recessed lighting with a variety of beam angles. Please challenge us, we like a stiff challenge. If we can’t do it today, be sure will do it soon.

Can you do indoor / outdoor products ?

Absolutely, Indoor or Outdoor – we can do almost anything in the lighting world.

How accurate is the representation of technical products ?

We wish to showcase your products as close to reality as possible, as much as the technology permits. For this send us pictures of your products switched on / off. Send us illumination files – IES, ULD, DLx files, we will review them and based on those try and get as close to reality as possible.

Our Development

Created by specialists in lighting
We know the tools needed the most, we develop them.
We are using the most sophisticated AR platform – iOS. Using the Ipad, you can showcase your products to clients on a large screen.
Our development is with a view to reduce the efforts of sales. We wish to place you in the lead.
All upcoming features and product maintenance is included in the annual rate.
LuminAiRe is easy to use and receives more and more features as soon as we can build them.
Our combined marketing efforts and user community give you all the advantage with no additional work.
We welcome your imagination to our development


By Apollo AR

LuminAiRe is not just another AR app.
It has just the right features for business and reaches out to individuals in the field, by creating an active marketing network to aid your efforts.
LuminAiRe is the perfect tool for the sales of your products.

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